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Expected release date is 27th Jul 2021

TOM'S has finally released a new multi-season outerwear that is completely original and created from scratch, from fabric selection to cutting mold production and sewing methods!

Adopted a design that has never been seen in previous products, such as a large Toms logo on the right shoulder! Sporty design that is active in various scenes other than the race venue.

Two main types of fabric are used for this track jacket.
Elastic fabric is used for the body, which has a lot of movement, to maintain ease of movement that can be used in sports scenes. In addition, durable fabric is used for the shoulders and areas where sewing is concentrated, making it a durable jacket that does not easily lose its shape and can be used habitually for a long period of time.

Even if you have purchased TOM'S apparel goods so far, please try new products with higher quality than in the past.

Size: S / M / L / XL / 2XL (5 sizes in total)
Material: 51% polyester,
    40% cotton,
    9% polyurethane

Part number:

00B01-TR015-S (S size)
00B01-TR015-M (M size)
00B01-TR015 -L (L size)
00B01-TR015-XL (XL size)
00B01-TR015-ZL (2XL size)

00B01-TR016-S (S size)
00B01-TR016-M (M size)
00B01-TR016 -L (L size)
00B01-TR016-XL (XL size)
00B01-TR016-ZL (2XL size)