TOM'S Racing Shoulder Pads (Red/Black)

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Product Overview

A type of shoulder pad that can be used by wrapping it around a seat belt.
It reduces the friction caused by the seat belt that occurs from the neck to the shoulder when driving for a long time.
It is a handy item for changing the image of the driver's seat because it can be easily attached with Velcro specifications.
There are two colors, black and red, both with the embroidered TOM'S logo that makes white stand out.
As it is a set of two, it can be used in both the driver's seat and the passenger seat.
Why don't you use it by attaching it to your backpack other than the seat belt?

Product number: 73170-TS013 & 73170-TS014
Color development: Black / Red (2 types in total)
Size: 70 x 280 mm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review