TOM'S Racing "Performer" Rear Brake Pads for Lexus GS-F, Lexus RC-F

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Product Overview

Brake pads developed for Toyota high-grade cars. Demonstrates stable braking power and anti-fade capability that does not lose to the vehicle weight while suppressing brake squeal and dust.

● Specifications / Asbestos-free, rotor temperature range from room temperature to 600 ℃
● Install time / 1.0h(each for front / rear)
● Applicable models:
Lexus GS-F (URL10) 11/2015-09/2019, Lexus RC-F (USC10) 01/2014-02/2019

● Made in Japan

The brake pad "Performer" has been developed for street use.
We recommend that you use "racing" when driving on a circuit.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review