TOM'S Racing Door Kick Protector

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$112.20 - $155.10

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Product Overview

Uses PVC leather with stitching that matches the interior of the car!
"TOM'S logo door kick protector" that combines design and practicality

A protection sheet that can be attached to a designated location inside the door.
It can be easily attached to the door with double-sided tape on the back side, and protects your car from scratches and dirt that are easily attached when riding. Ideal for hiding dirt and scratches that have already been attached and will not come off!

A very popular hit product that can be used as an item to dress up the inside of a car fashionably and as an item to protect your car from scratches and dirt!
Anyone can easily install it, so even if you have never customized a car, why not make your car DIY debut with this?

▼ Installation DIY video is now available ▼

Material: PVC leather (double-sided tape on the back)
Quantity: 1 piece per door
Specifications: Door speaker part perforated
      embossed TOM'S logo (front left / right door) 1 for each)
Body color: Approximate color to the sticking surface (see photo)
Stitch color: White

■ Information (please be sure to read)
・ Be sure to check the model and compatible vehicle model before purchasing.
・ Please check the installation instruction manual carefully before starting work.
・ Please use the attached tool for installation.
-Only vehicles with genuine speakers can be installed.
-Speaker volume and sound quality may change slightly depending on the installation.
・ Compatible models will be updated one by one, so please check the latest product details from the following page.

Product Videos


(No reviews yet) Write a Review