TOM'S Racing Complete Titanium Exhaust System for Lexus RC-F

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Product Overview

Tom's Racing Complete Titanium Exhaust System for Lexus RC-F

front, center, silencer and tail have been redesigned to achieve ideal exhaust efficiency. High output is achieved by the optimum pipe diameter and the high exhaust efficiency provided by the sports catalyst. 

Using expensive titanium material generously on the entire surface, we succeeded in significantly reducing the weight by about -20 kg or more (-56%) from the normal. 

The ultimate full exhaust system that pursues power-up, weight reduction, and sensual sound without compromise. 

ALL titanium center pipe diameter 70-60⌀, rear pipe diameter 60⌀, tail 100⌀ / 90⌀, sports catalyst adopted, safety standard conformity Reference proximity noise value 94dB [84dB] (values ​​in [] are standard vehicle values) Reference 14.7 kg (genuine weight

* Can be used with standard bumper or TOM'S rear bumper diffuser (52159-TUC10).
* Cannot be used with vehicles equipped with aero parts made by other companies.



  • Engine: 2UR-GSE
  • Chassis: USC10
  • Year: 2014.1 - 2019.02



(No reviews yet) Write a Review