TOM'S Racing 16-inch Aluminum Wheel "TM06"

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Spoke type wheels that further enhance the sports image of the new GR YARIS.
A gloss black color that enhances the fearless image regardless of the body color, ideal for inch up and recombination.
A high performance wheel that achieves rigidity close to that of forging at the price of casting by the latest flow forming method.

■Specification/Casting (flow forming method), dress
■Color/Gloss Gunmetal

●Spec / Aluminum One-piece, Flow forming,
●Size / 16 x 6.0J +42
●P.C.D. / 100
●Hole / 4
●Color / Black + Red Line
●Install time / 2.2h(for 1 vehicle)
●Applicable Model / Yaris(2020〜)

※ The following items are required to be purchased:

Hub Ring 67→54(42625-TM301-54)×4
Wheel Nut 21(42623-VP001)×16
Nut Adapter 21(42628-VP001)×1