TOM'S Padding Jacket

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Expected release date is 28th Jul 2021

In addition to the padding specifications with excellent cold protection performance, a completely original high-quality outer that is particular about the fastener and rubber edge design.

One piece that is light and comfortable without the weight of a down jacket.
Tighten the zip to the neck for windproof measures, and open the zip for multi-season use that is easy to use in early spring and early autumn.
The fabric itself has a luxurious feel, so please try it on and experience the charm of the product.

Size: S / M / L / XL / 2XL
Material: Front
    side 100% polyester Back side Polyurethane film
Part number: 00B01-TR017-S (S size)
    00B01-TR017-M (M size)
    00B01-TR017-L (L size)
    00B01 -TR017-XL (XL size)
    00B01-TR017-ZL (2XL size)