Rarest red. Sydney's cleanest F.

25th Jul 2020

Rarest red. Sydney's cleanest F.

When this beautiful F rolled into the shop last week, we knew we had something special to show. 

The ISF is becoming less and less common, and examples like these are becoming extraordinarily rare to see. This immaculate 2014 ISF was equipped and enhanced with one of the few remaining V1 bodykits we had left.

The deep red, accented with the carbon fiber trims were astonishingly breathtaking and is without a doubt our favourite so far, and likely will be a fan favourite as well. 

It didn't end with the bodykit. We threw our most tasteful additions on the car, including our carbon fiber intake piping, super ram II filter, as well as the obligatory TOM'S start button. 


If you've seen a cleaner F, we'd like to see it.