John's RCF

13th Jun 2020

John's RCF

As unique as they come, John's Lexus RCF is simply indescribable in both beauty and elegance.

Sporting the complete TOM'S Racing aero kit down, through to a complete TOM'S Racing exhaust system all the way down to our carbon fiber steering wheel, start button and door kick panels, this F has been equipped with the essentials and the results are absolutely stellar. Don't take our word for it, the photos below speak for themselves.



The aero kit, like all TOM'S racing bodykits, enhance both the aesthetics and performance of the RCF by improving aerodynamics. As you can see, our latest designs are much less subtle and significantly more aggressive in styling over the previous first generation designs seen on the V1 ISF.

Quiet under normal driving circumstances, the complete TOM'S exhaust opens up to let the V8 roar as it should when accelerating under full throttle. While we'll have some videos up, to truly do this justice you'll have to visit our workshop and hear it for yourself!

The modifications truly bring out the beauty as well as the beast in the RCF, yet despite these significant upgrades the versatility of the F remains uncompromised; still serving as a comfortable daily driver, a true sight to behold as a clean and tastefully modified showcase car, and a rowdy animal capable of some true fun tearing up the streets with a feeling only a V8 can provide.